Friday, April 17, 2009

My best girl

Lady turns 10 years old this month! What a wonderful girl she is! She has been by my side for so many years (over 1/3 of my life!) and I don't know what I'd do without her. I got her as a puppy and raised her with a friend until we graduated from college and we sure had some good times in Troy. Lady enjoyed countless intramural football games and could regularly be seen walking on the quad going to Bibb Graves. Her escaping from our house and being found in random places in Troy was, unfortunately, all in a day's work. It was also in Troy that Lady survived a life threatening attack by Dori. We try not to talk about that around Lady.

After her life in South Alabama, she made the move with me to Virginia and we settled all that we owned in Blacksburg. She loved the cold weather and finally got to play in the snow. When Rob and I started dating, she was a smitten kitten and was elated he decided to keep me.

It was also in the New River Valley that we had the unfortunate incident with the groundhog and realized Lady's very un-Lady-like carnivorous potential.

We moved to the Roanoke Valley two years later and Lady fell in love with her new front porch and visiting with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Sebastian. There she also hiked atop Mill Mountain and chased countless squirrels.

Mill Mountain

Next we moved to the Tidewater and Lady met her new backyard. She could often be found in a stare-off with squirrels or digging "bugs" from the ground at night. She also had her first experience playing on the beach!

It was here in Norfolk that Lady had to make room for Rowen in her life and she has done a stellar job. She has never been a snuggly or clingy dog (despite my best efforts) and she has been the perfect lady with Rowen. She is mostly afraid of him and their relationship continues to be "complicated", although by all accounts, congenial.

Stalking geese on the Lafayette River

For her birthday, we're honoring her with good eats, a car ride with her head out the window and visit to PetSmart. She'll definitely be obnoxious to the small critters and fish, but every girl deserves such luxuries on her birthday.

A taste of cool whip!

Even at 10 years old, she's still my baby girl. She gets super excited when we come home, loves a long walk, enjoys her ears blowing in the wind of a moving car, can't wait to chase ducks/squirrels/rabbits (and even resorts to birds when she's desperate), loves to kiss children on the face (gross, I know...), can't get enough belly rubs, hates to be brushed/washed/snuggled, can't help her occasional social awkwardness, and is just the best dog in the world.

It is so important to us that Rowen has memories of Lady, so I plan on her sticking around for a long, long, long time! Lady girl, we love you so!


  1. Lady.... Happy Birthday!! I hate to bring up the Dori attack but it was priceless!!! So glad you let me witness it.

  2. Happy Birthday, Lady! You are, indeed, one sweet pup!