Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Grand Birthday

Thank you a million times over to all of my birthday well-wishers! I am notorious ( I mean, it's embarrassing) for forgetting birthdays and I am always amazed at how many thoughtful people remember mine. Thank you. Really. It made my day.

The best gift of all was that Rob and I were both home together Saturday. This was monumental. We planned a "lazy" day of working in the yard, putting our new front porch rocking chairs together, going to the beach and watching a movie. Some people may not enjoy manual yard work labor, but I love it! Here you can see how much progress our little garden has made and see why I'm so crazy about yard work!

Before and After:

Great American Backyard Remodel: Done. Pretty much...

Plus, Rowen loves being outside and I really want him to be in touch with all that outdoorsy stuff because that's the way Rob and I were both raised and it has always been really special to us. Here are some birthday shots from the beach:

My actual gift from Rob was the BEST. Brace yourselves, people. We are going to see

Taylor Swift

in concert! I am NOT ashamed of how much I love Taylor. I will rock out to "Should've Said No" like nobody's business and I do not even care! Rob will, too. Don't let him fool you! I am SUPER excited. She is such an great little performer, too. At least I can imagine she is. Did anyone see the Country Music Awards where she performed under the falling water? Holy Smokes! I even talked my Granny into staying up late just so she could see Taylor's song and that amazing water fall extravaganza. I can't WAIT!

Speaking of my Granny, I do love her so. She's the "youngest" Granny you'll ever meet. She and my Papa still work full time jobs. They've both retired once and went back out and got new jobs. Granny is a guard at the gate of a manufacturing plant and she lets the 18 wheelers in and out. She is not afraid to yell at them for acting up, either. She's fiesty. Papa is a security guard at a minimum security prison. They are hard core elders. To top that off, they own and manage a huge farm with 2 ponds, acres and acres of vegetables and cattle. When I was in middle school, Granny was trampled by a cow (sidenote: every grandchild has been trampled by at least one cow) and suffered a severe tibial fracture requiring an open reduction and internal fixation (read: screws in the bone) and after the accident, she dragged herself back up to the house to call for help. Strong woman. The reason I mention all this is because she was hospitalized this past week and I was just pleading for God to heal her hurting body. Interestingly, a lot of my prayer was focused on my need for her to be healed because I don't know what I will do without her. God is good and she is back at home and expected to make a full recovery. I'm not ready to even think about letting Granny go. She's the backbone of our family.

Thank you, Jesus, for 29 wonderful years, an amazing family and the faith to know there is more where that came from :)

Have a fantastic week everyone!


  1. girl, you are only just now 29!?!?! haha, just kidding ;) i can't believe 30 is facing me in november... we are praying for your granny. what an awesome story you have in how they retired then WENT BACK TO WORK!! that is awesome. and your garden looks great! keep up the good work ;)

  2. Ok, your back yard and your garden look GREAT. I have NO talent for all things outdoors!! ;) Glad you had a wonderful b-day!! BTW, I am looking at 31 in September...YUCK!