Monday, May 11, 2009

This was the highlight of Rob's week...he accompanied the crew of a C-2 out to the USS Truman.
Here's the carrier looking down over it from the plane.
Welcome to flight surgery!

Our neighbor, friend, and pilot, Luke

At the zoo

We had a wonderful weekend together. Rob and I went to Norfolk's Wine Festival Saturday and we all just had some family time on Sunday, including a visit to the zoo. Sunday night, we watched Fireproof and it was excellent. What an amazing reminder that marriage is so precious and worth fighting for! It was the perfect ending to a very happy Mother's Day :)


  1. Meryill, I didn't know your hubby was a pilot! Are y'all in the AF? Sounds like a great moms day weekend. I LOVED the movie fireproof too!

  2. look at that lil man sportin' a pink shirt! he rocks it! he's so cute. and look at your cute hubby rockin' the flight suit - good looking men! i am so glad you had a great weekend together. happy mother's day!