Monday, June 22, 2009

Take a deep breath...

...this is going to hurt. That's what I've been telling myself for months as we approached this week.

Rob left Monday for 7 months in Pensacola. He's training to be a flight doc. The goodbyes were as hard as I expected. This week its been easy to stay busy, but still I'm lonely without him. I guess I keep thinking Rob will be home this weekend. Or that he's just on call and surely he's been home and we just missed him. I think this weekend will be the hardest part. I have a golden weekend (on call Thursday, post call Friday, off Saturday and Sunday). I've planned for us to ride the ferry over to Portsmouth and visit the Children's Museum. I knew if I didn't plan something, I'd end up sitting at home feeling sorry for myself while Rowen terrorizes the house. I'm looking forward to it.

We took advantage of doing some fun things in the weeks before Rob left.
Here's Rowen at the Botanical Gardens.

We also went swimming at Lagoon Pool on base. It's Norfolk's best kept secret!
Can you see the smile on this baby's face?

Rowen wasn't sure what to do with this life jacket, so he decided to eat it.

Here's our sweet family the day before Rob and Lady left.

The saddest part for me is how much of Rowen's life Rob will miss out on. We are really committed to talking every day, including letting Rowen "talk" on the phone, and using
Skype for video talks soon, but its just not the same. I wanted Rob to be there in person to see Rowen climb up the slide at the playground today and slide down all by himself like a big boy. 25 times. The thing I'll miss most is just doing life together.

So that's most of what's going on with us now, but we have a lot to update you on. We went to Georgia July 3rd for Alli's wedding July 4
th in Savannah. Rowen was supposed to be the Ring Bearer but once he saw the long ribbons flowing from the pillow, he wouldn't have any part of that gig. But we had an awesome time that weekend. Savannah is a blast. The wedding was beautiful and so much fun. Then Sunday we had lunch with Courtney, who is a brand-spanking-new second year OB/GYN resident. After a great visit with Court, we headed down south to spend the week with my family.

Out on the town in Savannah with Brent, Kerry and Sam

Hotel Fun...I'm sure this is so dangerous, but...

Before realizing he wasn't cut out for the ringbearing

Gigi's boy

Gary + Alli + Fireworks!

Visiting Court and her beautiful home

Every time I come home from Georgia, I remind myself to try not to cram so much in next time. And every time I plan a trip home, I cram more and more in. This visit, we decided to take Jay, Judd, Lauren and Ryan to Wild Adventures, a theme park and zoo in South Georgia. A 2.5 hr one way drive in the rain, a flat tire, and a closed theme part later, we turned right back around and drove our disappointed kiddos the 2.5 hours home. What a bummer!

Poor Rob!

I have a lot more pics from Georgia to post soon, but I just had to post one of my favs:
Granny and Papa and the 3 great grands.

While I was in Arkansas visiting Dori, I got into The Bachelorette TV show. I know. It's incredibly, insanely cheesy and unrealistic, but its so much fun to watch! I like Ed and Kypten (sp?), but I think she made (as BoysIIMen) would say the biggest mistake of her lifetime when she let Reid go. What do y'all think?

Anyway, I was thinking, poor Jillian has no clue how to find Mr. Right. Honey, here's how it really works...

Guy and girl take note of each other as they start medical school. Girl is in relationship but subconsciously puts guy in her back pocket for later. Soon girl is single. Again sizes up guy in her back pocket and likes what she sees. Girl makes sure guy knows she's single. Guy waits around. Girl dates very nice, very random grad student while waiting for guy to take notice. Guy waits around. Girl pays grand attention to all those around guy, but not to guy. Girl gets bad bangs cut on a whim. (Thanks, Dori.) Guy waits around. Thanksgiving rolls around. Girl goes to Georgia. Guy goes to Arizona. Guy calls from Arizona and girl is smitten. Guy and girl converge back in
Blacksburg for UVA vs VT game. Girl is sure this must be the night guy will ask her out. Guy waits around and girl is his sober driver all night. Guy finally asks girl out for wonderful and awkward lunch date at Boston Beanery (of all places...c'mon, Guy!!) No sparks for either. Guy waits around. Girl almost gives up. December rolls around. First date sneaks up on guy and girl with very little pomp or circumstance. It was perfect!

I'm post-call by the time I'm finishing this post, so I'm just too spent to write more (insert your sigh of relief here). Finally though, I did just want to encourage everyone to WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS every single time you are in a car. While this is not absolute, seat belts save lives. We had a
multi-victim car crash trauma code in the ER last night. Three unrestrained teenagers are dead. Three restrained teenagers are alive. The feeling of dread and regret and helplessness was palpable in every hallway of the hospital throughout the night. When I think of Rowen as a teenager, riding along in his car with his buddies and all of the tragic things that could happen to our precious child, I am absolutely paralyzed with fear. Then, God takes my hand, a wave of peace flows through me and I remember he's not mine...he's a gift...and God's got the whole world in his hands.


  1. I think you should thank me for cutting your bangs. I know you did not appreciate them at the time, but Rob decided to ask you out after you got them!

    Love ya,

  2. I am so sorry rob is out of town for a while. I know how it is from when Wade was deployed. Time will go by fast and I know you and Rowan will be ok. You are a STRONG woman!!! ;)

  3. M-
    You are in our prayers. Praying God will bless you both during this time.