Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bobby Snow in Pensacola!

Last week we returned from our long awaited trip down to Pensacola to see Rob and Lady. It was awesome to see them and I can't even tell you how hard it was to leave again! We are so ready for him to be home. Late January can't come soon enough!

The flights to FL were kind of a huge bummer and I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say don't sit next to a haughty chest surgeon and accidentally let your child eat a peanut. You will get lectured on aspiration risks and spend the next 7 hours generating perfect comebacks in your head and wishing you'd told her you're a physician! Geez.

We finally made it to FL and that Bobby Snow was a sight for sore eyes. This guy reeeally knows me because instead of flowers or balloons, he literally brought steak and potatoes to the airport. WOWZAS! Remember, I was on call the night before and hadn't slept for about 40 hours and I was in love with that steak! Rowen was so happy to see Rob but was basically done with the whole day and crashed as soon as he found a soft place to lay his sweet head.

We took advantage of the weekend and headed over to Rosemary Beach. It was too cold to do much, but we loved just having the beach to ourselves. Rob bought Rowen a Blue Angels kite and thoroughly enjoyed flying it while Rowen ignored it.

Rowen learned how to throw a ball and must practice this move frequently. We're at the beach here. Note the sweater :)


While we were in FL, we caught up with some of our best friends, Stephanie, Jonathan and Grant! Sadly, I have no photos of our visits. Maybe because I broke our Nikon D40 while I was down there? Yikes!

There's a really neat playground near Rob's house and, as you can see, its hard to tell whether Rob or Rowen enjoyed it more.

Lady is doing really great with her new roomie, Luke. She's rocking the whole older woman thing and Luke follows orders from her quite well. Rowen is crazy about dogs and loved having Lady and Luke all to himself.

One of the coolest things about being in Pensacola was all the aviation that surrounds you. Rowen and I watched the Blue Angels practice right from our driveway two days in a row! It was amazing. Rowen is really into planes now and if he hears one overhead, no matter what is happening, he is really serious about going outside to see it fly over. So sweet.

Speaking of aviation, Rob has finished his helicopter training and has moved on to fixed wing aircraft. How neat! As hard as it is to be away from him for so long, I know this is a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I'm so proud of him! We're praying to hear good news at the end of November about his orders after flight surgery training. Most of his classmates are shooting for the west coast, so that works out great for us!

We had the best time. Aside from just having Rob present, maybe the best part was seeing these two best buds back together again.

The trip home was so sad. Rowen was great on the flights, but it seemed nothing would go our way otherwise (I won't bore you...see the list below). Now we're back in the swing of things in Virginia. We're gearing up for a big crowd at Thanksgiving (Can't wait to see you, Grandpa Chris, Grandma Cindi, Shan, Steve, and Sam!), a trip down to Birmingham in early December to help Hayley move into her new house, Rowen's 2nd Christmas, and before we know it, January will be here and Rob will be home! (*prayers prayed and fingers crossed*)

All in all, here's how I break it down.

Things that went wrong for our trip to Pensacola:
1. I was post call.
2. The chest surgeon.
3. Delayed on the tarmac sitting next to the chest surgeon.
4. I broke a very expensive camera.
5. We had to come back to Virginia without Rob.
6. Rowen busted his head in the airport on the way home and there was a scene.
7. Our baggage was lost and made it to Norfolk a day after we did.
8. Rowen busted his lip in the bathtub as soon as we got home. There was another scene.

Things that went right for our trip to Pensacola:
1. We were with Bobby Snow.

And none of the other stuff matters. :)


  1. That's so funny (after the fact) about that surgeon. It'll literally be DAYS later, and I'll be sputtering to Nick about all the comebacks I could have given someone. Ever see that epidsode of Seinfeld(sp)? I'm glad you had fun, even though Rowen got all banged up. Did you have brothers growing up? Because I did not, and I had NO IDEA that boys were quite as rough as they are. Sure wish we lived next door to some doctors...or at least knew someone who worked in a CT place...

  2. i am so glad you got to see your honey. i know how tough it must be right now to be apart :( hang in there. we just got word that dan's likely now leaving in jan so i will be back in the same boat with you! i loved the update - so good to catch up on your sweet life!

  3. I would like to be added under the things that went right section please. :)