Saturday, December 19, 2009

Countdown to (Bobby) Snow!

Rob will be home in about 6 hours! Whoooo Hooo! We are so excited! He'll be home for about 2 weeks, which is the longest period of time we've spent with him in 6 months! Rowen and I won't even know how to behave. I'm on call tomorrow, but that will give the boys some quality time together. And Lady girl will be home, too! This house just needs a big regal husky in it to feel like home :)

Last weekend Rob and I met up in Birmingham to celebrate our anniversary and meet up with my best friends. We had SO much fun! Too bad I didn't take any pictures of our time together. I did snap a few shots of the B&B Rob and I stayed at. I would highly recommend Cobb Lane Bed & Breakfast to anyone! Because Bobby Snow proposed at a B&B, we stay at different ones every year on our anniversary. Cobb Lane was one of our faves! Each house has its own personality and truly I could have done without the dolls in every room (this seems to be an unfortunate theme in the Victorian homes) but otherwise we loved it!

We also met up with my highschool friend, Carianne, in Birmingham but of course I have no pictures. We finally got to meet Precious Miss E and congratulated Carianne and Troy on their new baby on the way!

Last night was our residency Christmas party at our house and it was a blast! I fancy myself an amateur party planner so I LOVED hosting the party. I also worked with 2 of my favorite people, Spencer and Gretchen, to plan it so that was another plus. Everyone who came really
showed up. Apple cider, egg nog, smoked turkey, brownie trifle, bacon stuffed dates, ham biscuits, single malt scotch...what more can you ask for? Norfolk is threatening a snow storm but that didn't stop 30+ people from bringing it on a cold, dreary Friday night. It was awesome! I feel so lucky to work with such great and talented friends.

Spencer and the girls (Gretchen, we needed you in these pics!)

Just a few of my favorite physicians...

Rowen plays it cool with the ladies at the party

Well, since I officially have maybe 1/8th of my Christmas shopping done, let me get right on that. Y'all have the best Christmas ever!

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  1. merry christmas! we loved your card :) happy new year! your family is just so blessed and beautiful - i can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for you. love, katie