Friday, January 1, 2010

The Happiest New Year ever

After Christmas, finally back in Norfolk, I returned to work (We're really blessed that my residency program arranges a holiday schedule allowing half of the residents a Christmas break and half a New Year's break) and then we hosted a New Year's Eve Dinner party for several dear friends. Since babysitters were no where to be found for the evening, we decided to stay in with some our our neighbor friends. We ate, talk, and ate while our 4 collective little boys tore the house down ;)

A rare moment of stillness for all 4: Josiah, Rowen, Brock, Owen

Aimee, Me and Janice

Before our NYE dinner, Rob and I took a Scotch Flight. That's when you taste several scotches and compare them. As you can imagine, I love to do this. Here, we sampled Johnny Walker Black (blended malt), Talisker (single malt), and Lagavulin (my all-time fave, a single malt).

In other news, I found this beautiful solid wood adirondack chair at a thrift shop recently for $20! Getting it home was a huge hassle and involved 3 vehicles and 1 dead battery, but here she is! Can't help but feel proud of this beautiful bargain!

Little rps had his first haircut today! Can you believe this child is almost 2 years old and just now had his first haircut? It was really fun! We walked into a barber shop and the sweet lady who cut his hair did an awesome job. He was a good sport. Now he looks like such a big boy! We've been calling him "First" for first grader.

Rob + Lady left Saturday, headed back to Pensacola. Total bummer. BUT, we have a lot going on in the next few weeks...golden weekend coming up, a visit from Katie, a visit from Mama and Granny, Rowen's 2nd birthday, and then... (drumroll please)...


Well...for a while anyway)

And then we'll have a late birthday party for the little mister.
We were talking over the holiday about just how challenging this past year has been...finishing internship (I ask myself everyday how we both did internship at the same time. With a child. Thankfully Rowen probably won't remember how little we were home...but he always had a warm and loving home with Ms. Vicky at least!) Then, once the glory (rrrrrright) of being an upper level resident set in, we were faced with a 7-month separation. Yuck. We both feel like 2010 will be such an awesome year...Rob will be home, I will finish my 2nd year and (with God's grace) slide right into the 3rd and final year of residency which affords a much more appealing work schedule and he will also work "normal" hours and we can hang out together and with Rowen and be better friends to our friends...honey, the list goes on and on!

Well, gotta get started on this wonderful life 2010 has to offer ;) Have a great night!

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  1. I got the drops, but I honestly couldn't tell you if they made a difference or not. I'm going to take him back (hopefully to the same lady I saw before so that I don't have to start all over again) and see about giving him a whole 15mg, instead of the half we're doing now. I thought Prevacid was the answer to my prayers for a few weeks in there, but then he just sort of regressed. Not as bad as he was this summer, but still sorta bad. And I know it's working because we forgot for three days straight, and the next three days were HORRIBLE. Horrifying!

    Your posts are making me miss good ole Colonial Place! I can't believe Aimee is gonna have a baby down there and I'll probably never even meet her! And I know I say this all the time, but Rowen is SO HANDSOME!!! He looks like a little man!