Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Katie, Cookies, and the Kitchen

We were lucky enough this past weekend to have a long awaited visit from one of my best friends, Katie! We were so excited to have her in town. I was on call but it turned out to be pretty awesome anyway. (Thanks, JE!)

Rowen & Godmama KK

Turns out, Katie and I didn't get any pics together, but there's certainly no shortage of those over the last few years...

I've loved her since I met her :)

With Rowen, at the party she and Adam threw for him when he was
just a month old...
Casino Row-ale

We made these amazing peanut butter sandwich cookies, a recipe I had saved from an old Cottage Living magazine. I had high hopes of eating more than I could count, but these jokers were so rich and filling that I tuckered out after 2! (Well...that's after licking several bowls of batter and frosting...)

The Smallest And Least Efficient Kitchen In America is slowly undergoing its facelift. I am very much enjoying the whitish cabinets and am ECSTATIC to announce the increase wattage in our kitchen! Yes, indeed, our pitiful kitchen was previously sustained on 60 measly watts. Last week I finally got around to changing out an old ceiling fan with 1 light bulb with a very inexpensive casual chandy with 5 sockets! HOLY SMOKES! I now have 5 forty watt bulbs in place and the difference is remarkable! Light makes me so very happy :)

When I took these photos, I had to turn the light off because it was so bright!

Stay tuned...still catching up!

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