Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keith & Aileen

Two of our favorite people, Keith and Aileen, tied the knot a few weeks ago and they did it up right! The ceremony was in the UVA Chapel in Charlottesville (something else important happened there but I'm blanking on it now...) and then they arranged a wine tasting for us at a vineyard, followed by a fabulous reception. Its been so great getting together with all of Rob's college buddies this year :)

The beautiful Chapel

Kelly & Jeff

Ashley & Matt

Keith, Frank, and Rob

The Vineyard

Such a handsome fella...

Not one pic of the beautiful bride...what was I thinking??

Oh well, Congratulations Cassidys!


  1. you look gorgeous, meryl!!!!

  2. Thanks for posting these pics Meryl! Hope you all are well.