Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catching up

Miss Harper is 3 weeks old now and I'm finally getting around to catching up. As you can imagine, our hands have been full :) (Jenn, how do you do it with 4??)

We had a successful induction on April 5th. We sure hoped Harper would come before then and everyone (our OB included) thought she would based on how things were progressing but we went ahead with induction because I had to take my boards 4 short days after Harper was born. So....yeah.

She is such a beautiful baby and so very sweet. She has about 4 witching hours every evening when she just screams but I remember Rowen doing the same and those times pass and she'll be talking and riding a tricycle before we know it.

Here's our first family picture. I appear intoxicated. Oddly, I do not remember drinking.

Rowen thinks she's pretty cool.

He's decided we'll keep her.

Someone else is smitten with her, too.

Rowen's adjusting to sharing our attention, although we've certainly experienced more behavior problems in the past few weeks than ever before. All the big brother gifts are helping him cope :)

Lady even likes her.

Harper's first bath

First swing ride. This swing changed my life with Rowen. We bought it when he was already several weeks old and it was the first time I realized I could put him down.

First slumber party with big brother. He wanted her to sleep with him "all night" :)

First backyard exploration

A proud Grandpa!

Gigi and Pop Pop came, too!

G'mama visited next and we took a trip to the Botanical Garden.

In the midst of Harper being born and me taking boards, Rob celebrated his 31st birthday! It was a great week to celebrate his birthday with his family being in town and having a few days home from work. Happy birthday, Bobby!


  1. What a beautiful family! Congrats again. Miss you!

  2. She's so sweet!!! Have I mentioned how excited I am that you had a girl? I mean, whatever, I love my boys (I guess) but there is just NOTHING sweeter than a baby girl. Oh I just can't get enough! And she's good looking too! Now, I'm not one of those women who say all babies are beautiful- I worked labor and delivery for one short year and that was enough to see some very odd looking newborns. But Harper Mae is just adorable! And that pic of her and Rowen in're breaking my heart!!! I can't put Daisy down anywhere where anyone can reach her.
    And honestly, to this very day, I think that going from one to two was the absolute hardest. After that, it's sort of 'just another baby.' So don't go thinking that anyone else has it any harder or is doing any better!!!

  3. yay! how beautiful! i just love the wee little ones! congrats!

  4. she's just precious. i am so glad you guys are getting settled! big brother will adjust - i promise. i often now ask noah if he remembers life before ellyotte and of course, the answer is NO! he's a proud big brother... now. but there was a lot of adjusting to do. love you! and i am so happy for you.