Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm sobbing through the end of Marley and Me on this beautiful Independence Day after an utterly exhausting trip to the Botanical Gardens and needed a break to think about something happier.

Rowen has said some pretty cute things lately, so here ya go.

A few days ago, he crawled into bed very early one morning and snuggled up to me and said "Mama, you are the goodest mama in the whole wide world."

As we were driving today, he said "Hey Mama! I'm 3. But you're seventy-six."

Then, after reading books in preparation for his nap, I told him that I thank Jesus every day for him and he said "I thank Jesus for building you, Mama."

Be still my heart...that boy is
(usually) so sweet! :)

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  1. morgan thinks i am twenty three... 20 years younger than the real age! i'll take it...