Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rowen's Prayer

Rowen is technically being disciplined right now. But he just said the most precious prayer that I couldn't help but share.

He had TWO accidents last night. This is a child who essentially potty trained himself last year over a period of about 6 months without any pressure from us. He has basically NEVER had an accident. The second accident occurred at 2 am this morning when HMS was screaming her pretty little head off so I was less than gracious to little man. So, tonight I was bound and determined that he would pee pee before going to bed. (He ALWAYS does anyway...I'm not sure why he is all of the sudden resisting...). He's on the potty and just won't go. I know that child can go. I know how much he has had to drink and the last time he pottied. He just WON'T go. And he is being defiant about it. Very unusual for this guy. Y'all, I cannot have 2 screaming children at 2 am again! So, he is gradually losing the privilege of reading his 4 nightly books, one at a time. Finally, we are down to the possibility of him losing "song" and "story" in addition to 4 books. He then suggests that we go ahead and say his prayer while he's on the toilet. Sure, I think. We hold hands and he says,

" Dear God. Thank you for everysing. Give us to pay attention to pee-peeing and poopying. Thank you for our food. Amen."

Ahhhh-that child! So sweet.

But if you're wondering, he's still on the potty. 20 minutes later. He will pee pee before he gets in that bed!


  1. tooooo sweet! WHo knows why kids do the things they do!! I've given up trying to figure that out!! :) Good Luck tonight!

  2. so sweet. we too are going through something like this. noah's waking up 4-5 times a night to go potty. we have to lock his door from the outside because he will NOT stay in his room lately. we don't like having to do that at all and i like even less having to go into his room to take him to potty all night. the wake ups have resulted in a terrible case of insomnia for me! so we made a sticker chart and are working our way towards his power ranger costume he so desperately wants. we shall see... i am desperate for sleep for us both!