Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harper Mae

This darlin' baby girl has stolen our hearts. You see, before she came along, we thought of ourselves not just as parents, but BOY parents. We were down with it all: trains, trucks, dirt/mud/sand, wrestling, and the list goes on.

Then this precious little thing came along and we are so sold on her.

We couldn't imagine a sweeter baby.

She doesn't sleep quite as soundly at night as we'd like, but she's so stinkin' pleasant about it that you can hardly help but smile. Its as if you've offered her a good night's sleep and she smiles and politely declares, "No, thank you. I wouldn't care for one."

First rice cereal experience--trying to put some meat on her bones...she's tiny :)

Showing off her 2 new teeth

A favorite pastime

Raising the roof with Pop Pops

Pulling the old "Hey girl, you got something on your shirt" trick with Cousin Melina

Love, love, love that little girl. She is such a gift!


  1. so adorable!!!! So great that she is a pleasant little baby! I wish I could meet her when you go to NWA!!! :(

  2. She is a doll! Thanks for keeping in touch through our blog. It is such a blessing to see you all and your happy family. We are headed back to RI, but hopefully we can catch up sometime soon. We love you!