Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Wanna Shout It From The Rooftop...

Harper Mae slept through the night last night! For the first time ever. In 6 long months :)

Whoo HOO!

In Rowen news, tonight after his usual super long bedtime ritual-->3-4 books then a "story" made up by mama or daddy then a song (or three) then a prayer, he asked me to scratch his back "for a second." Of course, I obliged but said I would only be able to scratch his back for a short time. Then he informed me that "short time" means "days and days and days."

That boy! :)


  1. YAY Harper Mae!!! And I love Rowens bedtime ritual! You guys are super parents! :)

    Also, thanks for noticing the ribbon belts! LOL! I just can't afford cutsie halloween/thanksgiving outfits for all THREE girls so I gotta make "cute" happen on the cheap, anyway I can! hahaha!

  2. Hip hip HOORAY!!! I'm glad for you. And that's cute about Rowen wanting his back scratched- Scott is a back scratching FANATIC. He will pull his shirt up and just walk around asking random strangers to 'tickle' his back. Weirdo. And I cannot believe that your little baby is SIX months old!!! Are you SURE?

  3. yay Meryl! so happy for you!!!! now if you can get a few more months of that, you'll feel back to normal again, huh? :)
    praying she continues to sleep.