Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanksgiving in Georgia...God's Country :)

After several years of hosting Thanksgiving at our house, we made the trek to spend Turkey Day in Georgia this year and we brought along Grandpa Chris to share in the goodness.

After a long drive,

We arrived at Granny and Papa's house. In the country.

Rowen told Grandpa all about Granny's goats..

And Granny's golf cart...

And Granny's new baby calves...

And fishing in Granny's catfish pond.

Cousin Darren proved very helpful.

And Cousin Sheila provided much needed comic relief.

(Oh yeah! You made the blog, She!! LOVE YOU!!)

Sherri and Paul came, too!

And Miss Harper was quite content with Aunt Sharon :)

Seeing my family together like this makes me so happy!

Horsin' around with Cousin Karson

Two of my beautiful cousins, Heather and Kristen

The one pic we have of all the babies and look which one is acting out!
Proud mama right here! ;)
Walker, Harper and Olivia

GranDanny was pretty smitten with Harps.

Rustling around in GranDanny's leaves

Sadey, Cohen and Rowen...these beautiful children belong to my dear friend, Sara.
It warms my heart to see her!

You'd think these boys had known each other their whole lives!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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