Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pre-Christmas fun

Rowen's preschool had a Christmas Program the week before Christmas. It was really cute.

Here's Row and best buddy James after the program, dying to tear something apart but tolerating the paparazzi.

Rowen so enjoys his time with James that he pouted when I asked him to take a picture with precious teacher, Mrs. Kelly. Without James.

I think this photo sums things up.

I commented to Rob that this shows what Christmas programs must be like for little boys' moms: we watch all the little girls smile and ham it up while the boys just stand around trying to pass time.

BUT ROB SAID, "No, the boys are raising their arms up like they are supposed to be doing. The girls are just standing there smiling. They are clearly not doing their job. That's not entertaining at all."

Another funny was at our Christmas Party. We added the fun-factor this year by encouraging ugly sweaters. Our guests really brought it, too.

Yes, I made our sweaters. Message me if you want one!! I'm taking pre-orders for next year. I'm even throwing in the midriff-length sweaters shown above!!

And finally, Rowen and Peter, while not part of the funny sweater competition, were fiercely vying for awkwardest face.


  1. Garrett said he would like to pre-order a Christmas vest for next year, you can pick the theme :)

  2. So proud of my boy in his wife-beater. Lots of weird clothes going on here....but, I must say, Christmas party was a blast!