Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 years and some days

That's how old our little man is! WOW! Time flies, right?

We needed a low-key-but-still-fun party this year since our house is a wreck due to the move so we hosted a party for a small group at Color Me Mine Pottery Studio in Norfolk. Rowen was totally jazzed because I took him to paint a cereal bowl once and he uses that bowl every single day! He had a great time!

Rowen, Peter and lovely Bernadette :)

2 beauties: Janel and Kaiya

Gigi's birthday boy!

This year instead of receiving gifts from his friends, we asked that party attendees bring stickers or coloring paper that we could send to Victor. We explained to Rowen that some children have "fancy parties" like him, but some children have no party and he was really kind of excited about sending another child goodies. We hope this becomes a tradition. Of course, he also got some pretty amazing gifts from a real t-ball stand and a big boy bat AND a telescope!

We love these Kiddos!
Kaiya, Peter, Rowen and Suneigh

Happy birthday, Rowen! Love you, buddy!

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