Friday, February 24, 2012


65. A lovely new nanny, and an amazing old one who is visiting soon!

66. This small southern coastal town we now call home, Beaufort SC

67. Our old home, a large city on the bay, Norfolk VA

68. Harper's new and improved sleep record

69. A bed longer sleeping on a mattress on the floor!

70. The book of James: so practical!

71. The book of Habakkuk: for those of us who falter in our faith sometimes.

72. A playground we can walk to.

73. Cookies from new neighbors.

74. All the new babies getting ready to join us: Elizabeth, Jude and Baby Girl Moormann!

75. Running around the Southern Women's Show like a crazy person with a stroller and 2 children and a Granny, a G'mama, and lots of cousins

76. Binging Dining with those same ladies (and Rowen!) at Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons in Savannah. I've never seen Harps eat so much!

77. A handy husband

78. A financially savvy husband

79. A neighborhood don't scare us, South Carolina Summer...I grew up in Georgia!

80. Running errands with Rob. No, we're not geeks at all!

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  1. Im glad yall are loving SC! I love the book of James, my second favorite after Phillipians. Cant wait to see yall!