Monday, April 9, 2012

Hanging Around

Lotsa pictures to catch up on!

A major victory around our house...I was super self-righteous when I was pregnant with Rowen and thought there would be no t.v. until after 2 years old (like the Academy of Pediatrics recommends) but after I had him and he was about 10 months old I realized how dumb I was! So, he watched some t.v. Not a lot, but enough to keep us sane. And it worked so well! He would sit in his high chair and be completely occupied! Then, Harps came along and would have no part of it. Especially in her high chair. But I keep trying because a girl needs 15 minutes to throw dinner together, right? So, a few Saturdays ago I put Rowen's "thinking chair" in front of the tube, threw in some Baby Einstein and plopped Harper down in front of the t.v. with some puffs. And it worked!! FOR EIGHT WHOLE MINUTES!

Then she made her way over to a flower decoration and promptly dismantled it. But, still, 8 minutes! It's a start! I'll take it!

We went to KidFest here in Beaufort the other weekend and R&H loved the tractor!

Some of our favorite buddies here in Old Shell Point. Rowen calls I&A his "guys" :)

Another of Harper's hangups is not wanting to wear a hat outside. But a little neighbor boy loaned us a CAP and she didn't mind it!

Messy chocolate face! (I have no idea why this is underlined?)

Miss Courtney and Harper :)

Gigi and Pop Pops visited a few weeks ago and we had a blast!
Here we are at Dockside...hooray for my photogenic children!

Waterside Park downtown...never get tired of this place!

Jammin' with the Snow Family Band!


I bought a onesie and ironed on these cute cupcakes then added lace to the sleeves.
I am NOT a sewer, but this was kinda fun and turned out cute!

Daddy and his girl!

That's it for now. Still have updates from Harper's party coming soon!


  1. love this post because of all the pics! Harps is so busy :) love Rowens Spiderman costume!

  2. Is it me or does someone look EXACTLY like her brother? That pic with her wearing the cap was like WHOA!

  3. you need a sewing machine! these are such great pictures meryl ~ looks like life in sc is going well. your home looks nice too from what i have seen.