Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day at the Farm

We went down to Georgia for Mother's Day and had a blast! Its so cool to see our children enjoying the things I loved as a little girl.

GranDanny's Farm
Playing with Lulu

$8 inflatable pool = fun times!

Exploring GranDanny's dock

Best Buds and Cousins--Rowen and Karson

Cousins! Leah, Walker, Karson, Olivia, Harps and Row

I caught them both smiling! I worked hard for this rare moment!

Because this is what every mama wants to see: her 4 yr old with a sharp gardening tool
Diggin' taters with GranDanny :)
The crew at Granny's
4 generations!

Granny, Suzanne, Sharon and new baby Jude!

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