Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catching up!

We're taking a break from the real world for a few days at Kiawah Island (just outside Charleston) for a medical conference and it.is.lovely!

In the past few weeks, we've been up to Charlottesville for Rob's 10 year college reunion (wha?!), kicked around at home, started and finished swimming lessons (just ask Rowen about those first 2 lessons--intense meltdowns...but then he came to his senses!) and last weekend Rowen spent time down at the farm with GranDanny and Grandma Wanda and Granny, Papa and G'mama while I went down to Destin for Hayley's Bachelorette party--pics soon!
Rowen and Lily downtown in Charlottesville

Old fashioned ice cream cone in Hoo-ville

Goofy Harps

I LOVE Lady in this pic! Steph, Harps loves the scarf, too!

Baby girl loves to eat!
Big boy

Daddy and Harps at the park

S'mores with Aaron and Isaac...again!
Sweet Miss Leah was so patient with him!
FINALLY loving swim lessons!

Happy Father's Day to Bobby!
Adventures with corn on the cob!

Slip n' Slid fun!


  1. Love these pics, cannot wait to see y'all soon go Ro on finishing those swimming lessons

  2. Love the pic of Rowen and Lily! What a nice time :)