Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eucharisteo-Australia edition


180. Hello Sydney!

181. St. Mary's cathedral, right in the middle of the Market District

182. Hyde Park

183. The Australian Museum, I'll spare you the pics of stuffed koalas and kangaroos. You're welcome.

184. Sydney Harbour Bridge

185. Sydney Opera House

186. The beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, also right in the middle of the city

187. Darling Harbour

188. Brent, Chris, Rob and Shan overlooking Wollongong

189. Merimbula

190. Overlooking Merimbula Beach

191. Wedding pups! Madison and Rocko

192. A glimpse of the gorgeous wedding

193. Rob giving basically the best Best Man speech ever

194. I love me some Sam!

195. This guy


  1. SO beautiful. Seems like it was an amazing trip. Seeing your smiling faces REALLY makes me miss you! xoxo

  2. Australia is beautiful! So thankful you got to spend a little time with Rob!

  3. Thanks for an update in pictures! Okay, now I need to talk to you for real.