Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I couldn't swing a real tree this year by myself,
but we've had fun decorating lots of fake small ones!
Christmas crafts!
A UVA elf!
Christmas is for sharing

And playing in the Christmas tree boxes!

2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party...
these ladies really brought it!
And these ladies just came looking really pretty :)
Madmen party followed!

Love the Lady Bengals :)
Photo courtesy of Rowen...Kim, I love you in this pic!
The party zap man
Sunday afternoon at Dataw Island for Lunch with Santa...
of whom Rowen is deathly afraid,
thus no pics of the man himself :)


  1. I miss you guys :(
    The kids are so big, and just adorable! I am off work in December for 12 days. I should come visit you a couple days...just me! How would that be? Do you have company coming? :)

    1. your reply shows up as "anonymous" tell who this dear friend is!!

  2. Ro is so handsome :)so glad you are having some fun, you deserve it. However, I am sad that I was not at your ugly sweater party this year. Is my Mae Mae afraid of Santa? I highly doubt i ;) <3

  3. Aww...missing the ugly Christmas sweater party! Hope your Christmas was swell! Just got back last night and need to talk soon!