Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Overdue Eucharisteo

Rob's away in California for the month and we're going it alone again. We are sure missing him. This bit of thanks is long overdue...forgive me.


242. Labor day on the lake with Aunt Sam and Grandma Shirley

243. Snoozing on the boat


245. A visit from Granny and Papa

246. Playing practical jokes on Papa

247. Four generations

248. Soccer!

249. Best Patients Ever. So blessed.

250. Loosing teeth

251. This is how he spelled ROTATE. Pretty close!

252. A house full of friends
(Sorry these are grainy...completely unsure why!)
253. "Picture walks" through books, a new Kindergartner skill :)
254. Rice cereal time!
255. Kisses from big brother
256. And tickles, too.
257. Finding our feet
258. Sisters
259. All three.
260. That zen moment when everyone just leaves you alone with your pink dolphin slippers and your toys and you can chill.
261. This good old girl. Who never gets left alone, unfortunately for her.
262. Two tantrums in Target. This was for real.
263. Snuggles with Aunt Sheila!
264. This wonderful couple...
265. Together for 60  years.
266. Best friends :)
267. When even chewing on your friend's hand isn't weird.
268. Bathing beauty

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  1. I am sorry but I am laughing out loud over the two tantrums in Target. Hilarious! See, this stuff happens for a good reason. Comedy for the rest of us. MB is growing up way too quickly. She is beautiful and I love how her big bro and sis adore her! Miss you always!