Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maryblake, the miracle

About a year ago, we had a wild and crazy day welcoming Miss Maryblake Jones into our family. She was born limp and blue but soon was all pink and perfect and lovely. She is absolutely the sweetest baby I've ever met. She has been such a gift to us. We didn't think we needed another baby and now we couldn't live without her.
Maryblake is cruising, taking a few steps alone, says da-da, ma-ma, and more importantly, mum-mum (her favorite snack)! She loves to climb stairs and stools and generally tear the house apart. She is a very picky eater but has no problems maintaining a healthy weight ;) She still wakes up at night but goes back to sleep easily after a bottle and a snuggle. 
We had the pleasure of having lots of family and new friends over for her party at our new-to-us house and it was super fun. Maryblake has a really cute personality in so many ways, one of which is refusing to eat any big people food AT ALL. That means no cake and no ice cream. But we tried!
Another funny trait of hers is the inability to tolerate anything or anyone messing with her head or face or trying to put hats on her. Her little hands are constantly batting at anything looking suspicious for this type of behavior. Perhaps this is a function of having 2 older siblings who continually want to "play" with her. I finally wrestled this adorable birthday hat on her head only to watch it sail to the floor seconds later :)

No cake for this girl...pass the mum mums please!

She was captivated by Uncle Ted!

A round of applause for Granny and Papa!


Playing in the road...a one year old's right of passage.
Fun with new neighbors!

G'mama in the house!
All of us!
Dear precious baby full of beauty and hope, you are so very loved. I can't wait to watch you shine in this world and bring joy to so many the way you have brought joy to us!

 "Do you know what you are? 
You are a marvel. 
You are unique. 
In all the years that have passed,
there has never been another
child like you. 

Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers,
the way you move.
You may become a
Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. 
You have the capacity for anything.
Yes, you are a marvel."
~Pablo Casals
Happy first birthday! We love you, darling girl!

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