Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Eucharisteo: Picking it up 3 years later....

281. Remembering how powerful it is to just give thanks, even when everything feels hard. Thank you, Hef.

282. Not one of us has been admitted to the hospital despite last week's nasty Snow family flu fest--hey thanks, flu shot! (Totally NOT sarcastic...we give flu shots to prevent death from flu, people!)

283. A speedy urgent care experience to have Rowen's pneumonia treated. Kudos WFBH-Urgent Care Clemmons! Y'all close at 7 and you mean it! ;)

284. A beautiful inner circle...I've texted these girls countless times over the past week...lamenting mostly. And they listen, laugh and cry with me.

285. That spring is coming soon. Surely. Please, God. Have mercy.

286. Seat warmers on cold mornings.

287. An amazingly talented family (friend) photographer. Never dreamed I was the type of girl who would grow up to have "a photographer". But by golly, here I am! Kim Shouse, all the heart eyes, always.

288. That God let me become a doctor, even though sometimes this feels more like a burden. Lord, help me treat this like the gift it is.

289. A huge goofy dog who is utterly unoffendable.

290. Mimi's clever sense of humor.

291. Harper's tender heart.

292. That Rowen could care less about being cool and still holds my hand in public.

293. Living in a place with too many good places to eat.

294. The Tiny Pleasures Lunch Club. #exclusive #partyof2

295. Not working tonight. Even though I sort of should have. But really, I shouldn't have.

296. Smart friends.

297. Selling the Norfolk house quickly and (so far) painlessly.

298. My Sunday School class. Every single snotty one of 'em ;)

299. Reading back over previous blog posts. I've kept this blog since I was pregnant with Rowen. I think blogs are out now? Oh well. Being in is overrated.

300. Tomorrow's Thursday!

301. My girl Amanda, who is basically a salty sailor, and makes everything ok.

302. A good reminder this morning. Thank you, Janise.

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