Monday, January 20, 2020

Fall and Winter 2019/2020

Celebrating my mom's birthday British style at O. Henry
Sept 2019

Applied Family Services Great Gatsby evening out


My girls

Day date with my buddy

Dixie Classic Fair!

Post Tour of the White Mountains call!

Sometimes we play outside in our pj's

Thanksgiving in GA

Papa and his best friend Bobo

15th Anniversary weekend-Greenville SC
We watched the play Every Brilliant Thing--highly recommend!

Big boy Luke

Two of my favorite humans--Jezi and Shirley!

Christmas inspiration from Mimi

Decorating cookies for Santa

Christmas eve church friends

A gift for every.single.reindeer

Here's the spread!

And the chaos begins!

Tanglewood fun

Skate park fun

American Girl fun

Salem Gym Bronze team

The Orange Bowl: UVA v. UF

Miami in January!

Wynwood Walls

South Beach

Ice skating back home

Total Escape

Harper's first real meet!

So Proud of these girls!

Mimi loves cats! She even wrote a book!

Work partner

Rowen's (early) 12th bday party at Level Up

Happy birthday to Rowen!

This beauty succumbed to breast cancer
after a courageous fight on January 2, 2020.
It was a gift to know her. She was so very loved.

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