Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama- just pics

My Best Girls...Steph, Jess, Hayley, and Dori
This was a trip we took to New York after college.
I am so very lucky to know these wonderful ladies.

Rowen cruising through the airport

Precious Grant Thomas

Rowen giving Steph the time of day...

And he had quite a crush on Jonathan.

We all joked he could be Hayley's baby with his big brown eyes.

Gorgeous Mary Tyler

More fries, please!

Fairhope, Alabama
That baby loves a swing!

My dear friend, Amanda

Pacifier Thief...Rowen's paci was blue and Grant's was green.
Notice what color Rowen has in his mouth.

Dori, we missed you so much!
I love these girls!

More updates later! I just wanted to get these pictures up while the little monster is sleeping :)

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  1. These are such cute photos. It looks like you girls had a wonderful time. I can't believe we all have babies now!! AHH!