Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Great Day

Rob is home! Actually, he's been home for about 2 weeks, I just haven't had a chance to update you guys. We're on pretty intense rotations this month (OB for me and Service Med for Rob) so Rowen is spending a lot of nights with Miss Vicky's, but today has been wonderful! I'm post-call and actually got some sleep last night at the hospital so I didn't really need to sleep today. And Rob was off today. And it's beautiful weather. And we went to the zoo! It was a great day!

Fennec Fox

The Lion King

Rob, Rowen and the Elephants

The giraffe and the ostrich

Squiggy the Mandrill

Funny Animals

Even though my last OB rotation in December was one of the longest and saddest times of my life because I went to work in the dark and came home in the dark and everything in between was kind of miserable, this month is going much better! I don't think the nature of the work has changed, but my approach has certainly changed and I'm really enjoying it. It also doesn't hurt that I have a vacation coming up this month! I'm going to Alabama to see my best friends and I CAN'T WAIT! Three of my best friends have had sweet little babies since we last saw each other and I am so excited about seeing them! Hayley and Jess are coming to Fairhope where I'll be flying into and we'll all stay with Steph! I'm so sad that Dori won't be there, but she's at home taking care of her new baby, Benjamin! I'm visiting her in Arkansas in June and I can't wait for that either! Then, the next weekend my best friend Katie is visiting and Rowen is so excited about being spoiled by his Aunt KK! Then my mom's coming! Isn't it wonderful be around people you love?

Ok, I need to catch up on posting pictures! Here are precious babies that we've welcomed over the last few months! Each is so wonderful and we can't wait to meet them in person!

From November, welcome Mary Tyler!

From December, welcome Jake!

From January, welcome Grant!

And from March, welcome Benjamin! Here with Big Brother Jackson!

Here are just a few from the last few weeks...

Rob and his head light. This is his new baby. Rob Snow will buy a nerdy gadget QUICK and be so proud of it! Here he is taking Lady for a walk after dark and he was so pleased that he would be able to see with his head light.

Lounging with Daddy

The sweetest boy

And so helpful around the house
Watching the geese with Daddy

C'mon wagon!

Everyone have a great week! Just a few more days and Alabama, Here we come!


  1. We're so glad Rob's home and so happy for you both that you had such a great weekend together. Glad Chris was able to help while Rob was away, it was no big deal, he was happy to help and be there. We sure do miss you guys and miss good ol' VA. It's amazing out here and we keep finding more and more beautiful places. Hope you'll be able to visit sometime :) Take care and give sweet Rowen a kiss for us.

  2. I hope one day I get to see Rob going for a walk with his head light. That would just make my day!!!

  3. I would really like to see Rob going for a walk with his head light. It would just make my day.