Saturday, September 19, 2009

I love this guy.

Sometimes goofy, sometimes funny, sometimes cool, sometimes sweet...
always wonderful.


  1. Ohh, I just love that last picture! So sweet! I know you must miss him like crazy! Great dad, great doctor, great husband (I'm assuming) and fantastic friend! You must feel like one lucky lady :)

  2. I'm the lucky one . . . love you, favorite

  3. That's SO WEIRD. I don't actually KNOW her, but when I 'worked' at the AIC at NMCP, I had a lot of dead time, so I would hop from blog to blog to blog, and I found hers that way. Did you know she had a baby IN A CAR? Can you imagine? As far as solo Beth Moore, I have Breaking Free, but I've never read it. It's pretty hard for me to self motivate. Although I did read all these really cute Emily Griffin books a few weeks ago...but they're just fluffy stuff. That's still so weird that you know that lady!