Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello again!

We have so much to catch up on!

In September we had a wonderful visit from my mom for her birthday. She stayed for a week and cooked lots of goodies and we had lots of fun. This made me think of her, and moms everywhere.

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." ~Tenneva Jordan

Birthday flowers!

The Virginia Zoo

Rowen is becoming more independent every day. He can't stand to be treated like a baby, which is a little hard for mama to handle, but I suppose its a good thing. He does all kinds of quirky things that really keep me cracked up. Because he loves independence and snacks, no part of my life, house or car remains safe from being sprinkled with goldfish or cheerios. The other day, as he grabbed a handful of cheerios, he dropped one on the floor. With one hand full of cheerios and the other holding his beloved cup, he hesitated as he walked out of the kitchen and looked back wistfully on the forlorn cheerio. He looked as if to say, "Sorry cheerio. Feel terrible... Wish I could do more. But you gotta make your own way in this world." And with that, he was off to dump his handful of cheerios somewhere secret in my house.

This picture is the epitome of Rowen. We just finished shopping in the Farmer's Market where he grabbed this apple and started chomping down on it. When we got into the car, he props his leg up and settles in for some R&R. What a funny little boy!

This past weekend we went out to VA Beach for the ALS Walk to support my friend, Sally, and her family. Rowen was crazy about every dog he saw and couldn't stop hugging these 2 collies. I think he really misses Lady girl.

Living it up on the playground

He does this funny thing with crossing his fingers. When he was younger, he crossed his ring and pinky fingers and now it has evolved to his index and middle fingers. Too funny!

New bathtub crayons

Rowen can make the sounds for most animals, including dog, cat, cow, pig, and bear. He can point out tons of objects in books like pumpkin, robot, yo-yo, maracas, eggs, grapes, rocks, and sun. He's really enjoying the Autumn decorations we have up and pulling them all out of the attic has gotten me in quite a crafty mood {Insert Rob's sigh of dread here}. I was even more inspired when I found these 2 amazing websites with grrreat design ideas. Check them out. You will salivate.

My Sweet Savannah
Shanty 2 Chic

I came across this idea from another blog and thought listing things that make you happy is a really superb idea. So here goes...

I'm happy...

... I was paired with the exactly perfect parents, family and friends for me.
... I was raised in the south.
... I worked before going to medical school.
... Bobby Snow was into me, after all.
... our baby boy is happy and healthy.
... when I look in on Rowen after he has fallen asleep and I thank God for letting me be his mama.
... God led me to be a doctor.
... we have a lovely family to nurture and care for Rowen when we are working.
... we bought an old house.
... when I refill my plug ins and wall flowers and our old house smells scrumptious.
... when I find an awesome audio book to keep me company on my drive over the water every day. (I'm always open to ideas!)

Also, speaking of things I'm super happy about, we are going to see Rob NEXT WEEK!! I'm on call Tuesday (Service Medicine, have mercy on me) and we take off Wednesday when I'm post call. WHOOOO HOOO! We're spending a weekend at Rosemary Beach and just enjoying hanging out in the same state. I also get to see my Steph and am so excited about catching up with her again!

The rest of the year seems like a wonderful whirlwind already...Pensacola, then Thanksgiving (which we're having at our house again this year!), then we're going to Birmingham to celebrate Hayley's NEW HOUSE!!, then our Christmas party, then Christmas, then the new year and ROB COMES HOME FOR GOOD! We hope. We won't know for sure until November or December, but I'm banking on the power of positive thinking :)

Well, folks, that's enough of me for now. It seems I'm always a better blog composer in the car on my way to work or when I finally lay down to go to sleep so I have a list of things to share when I get around to it. Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I wanted to let y'all in on something that's kind of hilarious. I have been secretly crushing on Miley Cyrus's new Party in the USA song but would not allow myself to purchase it on Itunes because I was pretty sure I would get made fun of. But lo and behold, ROB SNOW HAS ALREADY BOUGHT IT. You just have to love this guy!

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