Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Biggest Loser, et al

Just this season, I have come to love The Biggest Loser! It's the one reality show that is uplifting and meaningful. This show changes the contestants' lives! And then those people go home and change their family's lives. I just think this is so very neat.

It's way over-dramatized, but I still love it. I haven't watched an episode yet when I didn't cry like a baby! It's just really touching to see people start to care about themselves enough to make real change and leave all that literal and figurative baggage behind.

Anyway, I wonder how many of you like TBL, too? Let's dish!

- Abby: Love her so very much. We would be friends. I can't even think about her family without bawling. So sorry to see her go, but I'm glad it was on her terms. I feel certain she's a believer :)

- Allen: Sweetheart; like him a lot.

- Danny: I love how excited he gets. So awesome.

- Liz: I love how feisty she is, but honestly, she's mean sometimes! Cool it, Liz!

- Rebecca: Very cute personality. Extremely dramatic, and I'm sure the camera plays this up. I think she is so pretty.

- Rudy: I LOVE this jolly giant! He uplifts his team members and is just a stand-up guy. He would make a great winner :)

- Shay: Sometimes it seems that she feels she is the only person who has ever faced adversity or rejection. I wonder if she is trying to capitalize on her size because she has been saved from elimination more than once because she is so young and so heavy. She's got heart, though, and that counts for something.

- Tracey: Everyone says she's crazy. And she probably is. But she's playing the game and you can't blame her for that! I actually like her.

- Jillian: I used to think she was just a pit bull who picked on vulnerable people, but I do feel like she has really helped some people. Maybe they needed a little (or a lot) of prodding before they could purge all those toxic thoughts.

- Alison: She really gets into theatrics, but I guess that's her job.

I thought tonight's episode was really neat how they filmed the contestants running the mile and the flashbacks of them running that mile on the very first episode. How inspiring! Of course, I cried.

Tracey went home tonight and I love that she said the new "her" smiles a lot more. That's what its all about. The transformation is my absolute favorite part! I gotta say WOW! Tracey looks amazing.

In other news, Virginia has a new governor-elect tonight: Bob McDonnell. While I'm glad he won, the concession speeches break my heart every single time. I believe Creigh Deeds is a good man. I believe he will continue working for the betterment of Virginia. The last concession speech I watched broke my heart: my hero, John McCain. It was quite beautiful. One of the most interesting victory speeches I've heard was Don Siegelman in Alabama's 2002 gubernatorial race against Bob Riley, my main man. Siegelman remarked that "victory was sweet" and then it turned out he didn't win at all! Oops. Still, I felt sorry for him.

I've been surprised how many of you have given feedback about the H1N1 post. The most surprising feedback I've heard repeatedly is that some of your physicians are on the fence about the vaccine and they're not telling you why! This indecision is unacceptable because the evidence is out there. We owe our patients more.

OK, gotta study! Have a great night!

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