Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Update

I was so excited for Thanksgiving to come because Rob was home for the long weekend! I picked him up from the airport late Wednesday night. We were also blessed to have Chris, Cindi, Nicholas, Sam, Shannon and Steve with us and we had a blast! Rob and I decided to start a tradition and held the First Annual Snow Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. Here we are before the big event.

It was so great to have the house full of family on Thanksgiving day!

Here's Rowen offering Uncle Steve a kiss.
He just walked over and smooched him...he usually plays it pretty cool,
so we all found this hilarious.

We all went for a walk around Colonial Place after dinner (this is Southern for "lunch"). I thought this picture turned out cute although I got laughed out of the house for suggesting such a cheesy idea.

And here we don't look like tourists at all...another one of my ideas.
(Notice Rowen on the phone!)

And this one isn't staged at all. :) Still, I love it.
Steve, Shannon, Molson and Lager

Flashback to Thanksgiving 2008...

And now...Thanksgiving 2009

Rowen being Rowen.

And again.

My favorites

It was a bummer taking Bobby Snow back to the airport. Its sad to have the house empty again. But its great to know we're on the downhill slope now...Rob and I will meet in AL in 2 weeks, he will be home for Christmas, and then hopefully he'll be moving back to Norfolk at January's end.

I just wanted you to know...every comment is a gift. If you're so inclined, leave me a really makes my day!

We have our Christmas tree up now and I am loving it! Peace, love and joy to you this wonderful season!


  1. Your still so beautiful girl. So, are you going to be in Bham? If so, maybe we could snag a lunch or dinner with you guys? Hope so!

  2. You guys are really a cture little family. Isn't crazy to see how much Rowen has changes in a year?!?!