Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow, I'm really behind.../The longest post ever

Hey everybody! We're still kicking over here! Here's an update to bring you up to speed...
We're rewinding to January and starting with Rowen's birthday week. We postponed his party until Rob could be home Jan. 30th. We had invited a
very small crew over but the winter snow had other ideas so we shared a lively evening with the Moormann's because they were the only poor souls to venture out into the snow storm (and they're up-the-street neighbors so they just walked). We had fun and it was nice because we were able to actually eat in something similar to peace and chat while James and Rowen played.

Rob arrived home literally the night before Rowen's birthday party. He braved a record snowstorm and we were ELATED to finally have him home!

I was pretty excited about how this little project turned out.
It was so sweet looking through 2 years of pictures!

These cupcakes were kind of fun. And kind of wonderful :)

I thought this picture was just precious with James helping Rowen blow out his candles!

James, we love you, buddy!

Then The Worst Month came. I was on service medicine in February. 80+ hour work weeks + enough sick sick sick people to make your head spin + Rob's unexpected trip to WV = a total bummer. But, YAHOOOO, we made it! Here we are in March and I never plan to work an 80+ hr work week again! Man, that feels good to say! There are still weeks that approach 70-ish, but nothing like what we just endured. From here on out, residency is much kinder :) I was also given the HUGE honor of being elected chief resident for my 3rd and final year, along with my good friend Spencer Harris, and I couldn't be more excited and humbled to serve.

Sometime during the last couple of couple of months, Sheba celebrated her birthday. We went to a comedy club in VA Beach and it was HILARIOUS. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. It was too much fun! Here's Sheba and her darling husband, Fesal. I had to work for this picture because Sheba isn't terribly photogenic. See, she's so striking and it will appear to the naked eye that she is doing the right thing (i.e. smiling, eyes open) but in fact, once the digital image is examined, she is almost never doing the right thing. I feel so lucky to have this awesome shot of them! Happy birthday, Sheba!

We went to a really neat birthday party for our buddy Kai last week. It was at Hunt Club Farm in Va Beach. Kai turned 3! He's such a fun and animated little guy! He's a big brother to new baby sister Mia, and their parents, Sam and Aya are really awesome, too!

Happy birthday, Kai!

Rowen wasn't crazy about the petting farm for whatever reason. He kind of lost his personality there. Until the end of the party when he found his wits and crashed several adjacent parties. He thought the chickens were so-so, but had no need for the goats or ponies. I took it kind of personally, what with my irrational obsession with miniature donkeys, but maybe we'll have a better go of it next time around. My family lives on a farm so he'll have plenty of exposure when the time is right.

Daddy, Rowen and the goat

Notice that these goats essentially want nothing to do with me.

This little girl was at the party. Upon eyeing Rowen, she looked around and asked,
"Um, who's baby is this? Is this your baby?" Then she moved in for a kiss! How funny!

Rowen has really blossomed in the last few months with his speech. I thought the child would never talk! He is so much fun to talk to! He can say anything he wants. He loves to make himself heard. He even sings a little. He knows most of the letters by sight and sound, numbers 1 through 10, and basic colors. He loves his blue elephant that Granny bought him the day he was born and his blanky from Grandma Leheney. He's just such a cool little boy. We feel so blessed to have him!

Bubbles are funny!

My favorite Monkey

Daddy's buddy

My good friend Lily recently had her beautiful baby boy, Tyler and I visited them last week. They are so beautiful together :) Congratulations, Lily and Bryan!

We are no longer the owners of The Smallest Dishwasher in America! We now have a full sized dishwasher, a double sink and a garbage disposal! The regular dishwasher has made such a difference! It really is a pleasure to load it. We're still waiting to have the rest of the counters replaced to match the new counters, but we have already seen such an amazing improvement! Pics to follow!

Bless your heart. You stuck it out. :)

Have a great week!


  1. loved the long post! i really like the mantel piece you did for his birthday!

  2. The mantel was AWESOME! You are sooo creative. And I loved the bubble pictures - his expression is priceless. Love, Katie

  3. Wow, I think I'm even further behind in catching up with you than you are with blogging. :-)

    TWO...already? How can that be? Getting to be such a big guy. Laney will be 2 in a little over a month. Where does the time go? I just love this stage...they are learning and talking SO much. I LOVED the mantle piece you did for his birthday...are you going to keep adding to it?

    Congrats on becoming Chief! I know you'll do a great job! Here's to our LAST year of Residency!

  4. Congrats on Chief Resident. Its a well deserved honor!

    Also, your mantel is gorgeous, the birthday decor and all the rest of it. You have the magic touch!

    Here is to no more 80 hour weeks... I am sure you are relieved to have that passed you.

    Matt & Ashley