Monday, March 22, 2010


We are loving this sunny weather! We've been planting seeds the last few weeks and its been so much fun to watch them grow. Ok, I know that sounds super nerdy, but it IS fun! Rowen loves all things dirt and all things water, so he's all over it!

Several months ago, our friends attended a marriage retreat called "A Weekend to Remember" by FamilyLife and just had awesome things to say about it so we looked it up. There was a retreat near D.C. a few weeks ago and we took advantage of it. The weekend was amazing! At first I was excited to get away with Rob but honestly not looking forward to sitting in lectures. But once we were in the thick of it, I was loving the sessions and learning so much! I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone, no matter where you are in your relationship!

To top that awesome weekend off, we listened to The Five Love Languages book on CD on the way home from northern Virginia and it was great, too! Man, who knew? I would also highly recommend this one!

Here's pretty Lady girl lounging outside in one of her favorite spots on our front porch. She'll be 11 years old this April! She's the best dog ever :)

Here's a video from several weeks ago of Rob, Rowen and Lady playing in the snow. Funny to look at these now, while we're enjoying short-sleeve weather!

More updates to come...still behind on posting our kitchen renovation and Grandpa Chris is visiting now so we'll have more pics soon!

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