Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Howl-O! (That's how Rowen Snow says "hell0")

We're trucking along in this heat and enjoying fun times with friends and family. A few weeks ago, we visited good friends of ours, Katie and Adam (also Rowen's Godparents) in NC. They are expecting a brand new baby boy in September and I! We love you, Porter Collins :)

A week later, we headed down to Myrtle Beach for a vacation with my family. My grandparents are truly so gracious. They hosted a family vacation for our extended family and we had a great time! I'd never been to MB and I gotta say it's totally different than the gulf coast. But we had fun :) (Minus the security deposit we lost because of a golf cart infraction...we have had to build a bridge and just get over that one...)

Rob took our cousins and nephew to race go-karts. I think he had the most fun. Could he BE any happier?

Rob, Jay, Jud, and Ryan

Our Family

About a week later, Grandma Shirley came to visit and she brought BUBBLES!

This amazing lady treks across the country from Arizona every year to visit her family in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Oklahoma! We loved having her here :)

While Grandma Shirley was visiting, we went to Norfolk's Botanical Garden. We l-0-v-e that place! This summer, builders competed in constructing storybook houses that are the cutest things! Here's Little Red Riding Hood's house.

The Old Lady in the Shoe

Tom Sawyer's raft

Rowen's fave: the children's garden with fountains!

This past weekend we had our neighbors over for dinner. We are SO LUCKY to have such great neighbors! Thanks Jen, Alex, Aimee and Luke! (We miss you, Jen and Nick--come home!) Aimee and Luke and family are finally back from being away and we're so very happy! Rowen's finally old enough to be fun for Owen to play with! And Rowen is totally smitten with new baby boy Joel!

Rowen talking to Baby Joel

Hanging with big boy Owen

This week we had an awesome lunch date with Katie, James and June! I couldn't help but take too many pictures of the boys hanging out on the front steps with Lady.
She's the best dog in the whole wide world.

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody :)


  1. Uh, what the heck happened to Lady's hair?

  2. what precious pictures, meryl. you have a gorgeous family - and you ARE SOOO beautiful!!! rowen is growing so fast - i cannot believe how fast our little guys are growing up. makes me sad! xoxoxo, katie

  3. Meryl, I'm so glad you've had such great vacations this summer. The pictures of Lady and the boys are PRECIOUS! Especially the first one with Lady stretching. Hope you are doing well. Miss you!