Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charleys-ville and other fall adventures

We took a quick trip to Charlottesville for UVA Homecoming a few weeks ago. Rowen calls it Charleys-ville :)

He was pretty inquisitive about the game to start with.

But things quickly turned sour. Maybe because we had to wake him from a nap to come. This is always a mistake and will always ruin Rowen's day (and sometimes ours too!).

We decided a sugar high was in order so we loaded him with starburst. This did, in fact, improve his mood.

In good company with Travis, Sarah, Jeff, Kelly and Little Miss Meredith (she made it onto the Jumbo-tron!)

We had great seats. My goal was to get a close up of John-Kevin Dolce. He's my favorite UVA player but I also love Keith Payne and Chase Minnefield (minus the attitude). We scored this close up. Of his back. He's #59.

UVA lost the game but the real low point of the evening was when Mark Verica was booed off the field. C'mon folks, have some class. He didn't bring his A-game but he's got a mama out there somewhere! I was mortified! (Thankfully, Verica redeemed himself against Miami...more on that later).

The next day we dropped by Carter Mountain Farms on the way home. We stocked up on apples! Rowen was generally unimpressed with the place (no cows or tractors or golf cart goats?!) but we snapped a few good pics.

We carved pumpkins recently and Rob had a good time trying to scare James and Rowen with the yucky insides. Little did Rob know, those guys are way too savvy to be scared by a little pumpkin mush!

Then the boys commenced to wrestling.

And June was just busy being cute.

Well, as usual, I'm about 3 posts behind. I'll catch up soon, I promise. I'm feeling good with the pregnancy and we can't wait to see more of the little butterbean on ultrasound in a few weeks. Hope y'all had a Happy Halloween!

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  1. I loved the part about a "sugar high being in order". So funny! Thanks for sharing pumpkin carving pics of the kids. We were just talking about J's carving experience. I think I need those sent to me digitally!