Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bass Pro and a Funny Little Boy

A Christmas update is coming soon but I wanted to post pics from our big trip to the Bass Pro Shop in the midst of the holiday rush. I had no idea what this place was all about! I'm not into hunting myself but ALL of my family is and they always talk about Bass Pro so we needed to buy a few gift certificates. It was so big and interesting looking from the outside that I figured this would be a perfect little field trip for Rowen and his buddy, James. Man, this place was something else!

There was an aquarium with native Virginia fish.

And this huge bear.

And four wheelers.

And boats and santa and trees and everything else! We were worn out after less than an hour :)

We had a great holiday and are back braving the snow and slush in Virginia. I'm post call today and got to stay home with Rowen. After we read and I was rocking him before naptime, I was telling him my usuals. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Did you know you are wonderful?

Rowen nods yes.

Me: And so smart?

Rowen nods yes.

Me: And you are so special to Jesus?

Rowen nods yes.

Me: And Mama and Daddy love you sooooo much?

Rowen nods yes.

Rowen: (whispers) That's enough.

Me: (puzzled) Oh, you want me to stop talking.

Rowen nods yes.

I had to laugh. What a character!


  1. Being special to Jesus, and loved by your parents...he's right. That is enough.

  2. I need to tell you something. About 3 months ago I was googling the word broken because as a single struggling mother of 1 plus two (nephews whom I adopted because my brother is an addict), this day was a very low one for me in spirits and financially. I was hoping to glean some encouragement from others who suffered with a broken spirit. I happened upon your beautiful blog about your Broken Cup and I read each entry with interest and amazement! It has become one of my Favorites and I read updates from time to time.

    I love your story and I love your zest for eeking out the wonders of God in everything that you see, do and touch, Dr. MJS. I love the support and love that your husband Rob has shown and I love the precious gift from God in the Wonderful Mister Rowen. I cry liberally as I read that somewhere in VA, by way of Georgia, about an incredible beautiful woman doing an often thankless job as a doctor but looking in every facet of your life as a gift from an Awesome God. As a writer, needless to say, you are a phenomenal writer blessed with the talent of creating beautiful 3D pictures with your stories. Thank you, thank you. I hate you had no pictures of your friends Thanksgiving wedding ceremony but my imagination ran wild and I'm sure it was simply mah-velous.

    From you, this is what I've learned:

    Each day that the Lord awakens us is a day to marvel and count our blessings.

    Life is ONLY for the living so rather than count the days (of misery and have-nots") make every day count!

    Being a part of a family unit that worships the Creator and put Him first before all things is a guaranteed formula for success!

    And finally, what I've learned from a complete stranger in VA, mother of Rowen, wife to Rob and Tenn Vols fans, is that what lies behind us and what lies in front of us, pales in comparison to what lies within us. Godspeed to you and yours and congratulations on your future bundle of joy...Sheila Anderson of Atlanta, GA