Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A weekend in the city

Rob and I just celebrated our 6th year together and our 4th year of marriage--whooo hooo! I'm blessed beyond measure that God has sent this wonderful man for me :)

Rob proposed to me at the Evergreen Bed and Breakfast in Christiansburg in December 2005 and that started a tradition of spending each anniversary in a different city at a B&B.

B&B's are funny little things. We like them for their charm and so we get a feeling of what its like to live in a city instead of visit, but you never know what you're gonna get. There is often some unfortunate theme of teddy bears dressed in clothes, victorian dolls, carousel horses, or (gasp!) mannequins dressed in old wedding gowns and baby dolls in antique strollers. [No offense if that's your thing...]

Charlottesville, VA

Portsmouth, VA

Savannah, GA

Wilmington, NC

This year we visited D.C. and stayed at the Dupont at the Circle, aptly named as it is in Dupont Circle. This home had a Cuban theme, which is less comical than teddy bears, but the nude paintings took some getting used to.

Perhaps one of the more anxiety provoking parts of our trip was me driving this vehicle...

Through this traffic...

But we both lived to tell about it.

Why was I driving, you may ask? Bobby Snow had PRK (laser vision correction) last week! He still can't see 20/20, but the hope is that he'll get there within a few weeks or sooner. So there ya go.

We really didn't want to have a busy agenda so we just meandered around the city, visited the Smithsonian modern art gallery (the Hirshhorn), walked a million blocks, took a nap (ahhhh, heavenly!), and ate lots of good food (with me single-handedly putting away several pounds of bread at each meal).

It was an awesome getaway and Rob never ceases to surprise me in coming up with these special trips each year. Thank you, Bobby Snow, for loving me :) Now, here's a little sumping (Rowen-speak for "something") I came up with in your honor:

I love the city with you,
New Orleans, New Year's Eve 2005

I love the country with you,
My Granny's house

I love the beach with you,
St. Simons Island, GA

I love the mountains with you,
Snowshoe, WV
(No one told me my beanie was crooked all day. Noone.)

I love this house with you,
Our house, December 2010

I love this life with you!

Here's to a lifetime of good years wherever we go!

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  1. If you ever make it back to Savannah, I'd recommend you check out the Catherine Ward House Inn - a B&B located in an 1880s house, but with none of those scary themes. Decor is timeless furniture.