Monday, January 31, 2011

The Party

To ring in Rowen's Big 3, we had a fun party at home and we are so grateful for all of our friends who came to celebrate with us :)

Turning 3 was a time of great change for Rowen, too. He moved to a big boy bed and gave up sleeping with his paci. And he got a big boy bike!

Waking up on his birthday in his big boy bed!

Trying out his new wheels. Thanks, Grandpa & Grandma Snow!

Before our guests arrived...fresh new play-doh ready to be destroyed

Part of Rowen's 3rd year picture banner
\Looking through his baby book, waiting for guests to arrive

Making it very clear he would not be wearing this party hat
that I slaved over for more than 3.5 seconds flat.
(I don't really blame him.)

Pre-partying with Gigi

Breaking into the goods

Even Lady got in on the crumbs.

A vain attempt to get a picture of all our buddies.

But Clive would have none of it.

The unfortunate face Rowen makes when you shove a camera in his face and say, "Smile!"
(In stark contrast to the sweet smile on Miss Adelyn's face :))

We had a terrific birthday!

Our family has also undergone another huge change...we hired a nanny! It will be so nice to have Rowen at home during the day with a loving and energetic buddy who will play with him, nurture him, take him on field trips and we no longer have to drag him out in this cold weather in the early morning hours. We're so excited to have Miss Kat join us. She's looking forward to Harper's arrival, too, and already has dibs on getting her all dressed up.

Have a great week, y'all!

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