Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just hanging around...

Rowen is quite the photographer these days. He thinks the digital camera belongs to him :) And he's actually captured a few goodies around the house in the past few weeks!

Daddy, by Rowen

Mama, by Rowen

Rowen, by Rowen

I went down to Birmingham last weekend to hang out with 4 of my best friends and celebrate Hayley's birthday. We had so much fun! I never laugh so much as with these girls! We stayed at the beautiful Ross Bridge resort and it was so great to have that time together! Here we are in the sole photo op of the weekend, doing what we do best, eating out!

Me, Dori, Emma, Jess, Steph, Hayley and Brooke

While I was in Birmingham, Rob and Rowen had a guys weekend. And Rowen had his first bowling experience!

Here's Rowen practicing one of his favorite pastimes: climbing on Daddy.

Now I'm back, we're gearing up for a visit from G'Mama and waiting for Miss Harper to arrive :) Can't wait!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. You look GREAT! and Rowan has gotten SO big! So fun you all got together! That's awesome! glad you had fun!

  2. Your little bump is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I hollered for Nick to come in a see it!!! THAT'S what a pregnant lady should look like!
    So sweet. Miss you.