Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rowen speaks

Little rps just said 3 hilarious things in rapid succession so I took it as a sign that I needed to write them down.

He was carrying a basket through the house with several toys in it, to include a pig and a cow, a remote control and a tiny car. He came into the kitchen carrying this basket and announced "I'm doing crafts." I asked him what he was going to make, to which he replied...

"A Mess."


A few minutes later, we were upstairs going through some of baby girl's clothes (her name is Harper, by the way!) and he was saying what each piece was, like hat, bib, dress, pants. We came to the onesies and I figured he'd say these were shirts. Instead, he labeled them LEOTARDS.


Just now, we were sitting at the dining room table drawing and he started singing "Joy to the World." He always likes for me to sing this after we read at night. (Not sure why, I sound terrible...all those low notes...horrors!) He started singing it and came to to this part and sang

Let every heart
Prepare him FOOD...

How lucky we are to be blessed with this child. :)

In other news, we sold the Jeep! It was bittersweet. I loved that old thing. 220,000 miles worth of mutual respect and admiration. Naturally, we had to take pictures just before she pulled off for good.

I spoke candidly with the buyer about my expectation that he would treat this Jeep just like his own baby. Thankfully, he obliged me. I shed a few tears but was so glad to have it sold. A huge relief to Rob, I know, since he handled everything (as usual!). Thank you, Bobby!

Norfolk snow storm pics to come--stay tuned :)


  1. yay for baby harper! when is your due date again? we're not 100% on a girl name yet, but i'm thinking ivy. if its a boy it'll be james. getting ready for may!!!

  2. love her name. precious. can't wait for you to know the love you will have for your daughter. you will love her and rowen just as much as the other but it is totally different. can't wait to share that with you!

  3. What a cute little boy you have! And Harper...adorable name! when is your due date? Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, you're so sweet! I know Rowen and Harper has the best mommy. Seriously, you are probably the funnest little momma out there! :)