Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catching up

We've had a busy few weeks!

Rowen and Daddy and Lady had fun during a recent snow storm.

And they toasted to hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm up afterward!

My good friends, Katie M. and Joanna, hosted a beautiful baby shower for Miss Harper a few weeks ago. Luckily, both my mom and Gigi were able to make it. It was a really special evening.

The decorations were so sweet.
These ladies are both so thoughtful and Joanna is a very talented florist.

So girlie :)


Sadly, we experienced Rowen's first real illness this week. I know, we were due. We've been very blessed with a healthy boy! He started throwing up Monday and wasn't done with it until Thursday evening. He finally has his appetite back but he was such a sad little soul for a few days. He was weak and limp and couldn't even muster the energy to stay awake for more than about an hour at the time.

We are so thrilled our boy is back to himself!


We've been so blessed with wonderful gifts for Harper! We certainly weren't expecting how sweet and thoughtful everyone has been! My medical school friends had a surprise shower for me and Rebecca in early January, my college friends had a surprise shower for us in Birmingham, a mentor physician and her office staff hosted a surprise shower for me a few weeks ago, my church friends threw the shower above and my work friends are having a shower in March! What a blessing--its so fun to go through all of these sweet little girl things :) Of course, thank you cards are a necessity and I ordered these gems from Len in Arizona (Go ETSY!), owner of Uninhibited Spirit, and I am SO HAPPY with them! And Len offered top notch customer service!

How pretty are these cards?

Here's Len's website:

Uninhibited Spirit

Everyone have a wonderful week! Only about 6 more weeks until we meet our Little Miss!


  1. Awe, we miss you! Aimee & the boys!

  2. I am so sorry I wasn't able to attend the shower. I do have something for the Miss Harper.
    When is a good time to drop it off?? Can I leave it on the porch?
    Glad you all are doing so well. Rowen is really just all grown up now. Can't wait to see him with a little sister :)