Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting for Harper

We think we're getting pretty close to meeting our baby girl and we are so very excited! I've been blessed with another great pregnancy and we're so thankful. All the things that plague lots of pregnant women bother me, back pain, heartburn, etc. but I can't complain when I think of what some of my friends have been through. Now that we're past the 37 week mark, we're ready to meet Harper whenever she decides to come!

Based on recommendations from my OB, who feared preterm labor based on my exams, we canceled our trip to Texas for my boards :( but I have to believe it was the best thing. I was really bummed to put this huge undertaking off, but it is what it is. I guess we'll just be
forced to go to Orlando in October (where the oral boards are offered next) and check out Disney :)

We're enjoying sharing this journey with Rob's sister, Shannon and her husband, Steve, as they prepare to welcome Baby Melina in a just a few days! It will be neat to have 2 babies in the family and I bet they'll be the best of friends.

Rowen is pretty psyched with his new nanny, Miss Kat. He loves going somewhere different everyday...playgroup, the park, the bounce house, the mall, the library. We're worried he's gonna think we're quite boring when we're home with him. He's said some pretty funny things lately, too.

One morning last week, Rowen alerted me to the presence of a moth upstairs in the hallway.

Rowen: Mama, here's a moff! Come here and see!

Me: Ok, coming.

Rowen: It's a Giant American Chinese Elephant Shark moff.


In the car on the way home from church care group, we had a little conversation about Harper joining us soon.

Me: Rowen, did you know that very soon, we'll have 2 children in our house? Rowen and Harper!

Rowen: Yeah!

Me: And you know you'll have to be very gentle with Harper, because she'll be a tiny baby.

Rowen: (in a hushed voice) Yes! I'll tip-toe around her.

{Pause while Rob and I were smiling}

Rowen: And I can jump right over her, like a big frog! (demonstrates grandiose jumping movement)

Me and Rob: Well, she'll be very small and it would be dangerous to jump over her, so probably we should just tip-toe.

Rowen: Yeah, and I'll tip toe around her and then jump over her, like a big frog.


We are so thankful for this happy, healthy and genuinely delightful little boy!


  1. get ready, girl!!! your world is about to change. just think of how much you love rowen and then add in a baby girl - it is overwhelming. the way i love both noah and ellyotte is so different but equal in how much i love them. noah is so independent but clingy at the same time at 3 and elly is my little mini-me. i can't wait for you to have a baby girl - there is nothing like it in the world. so happy for you.

  2. I'm waiting with you! can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby girl!