Friday, April 1, 2011

My heart

God has really been doing some work on my heart this week! I started off the week really discouraged because after all the talk and worry of Harper possibly coming early, here I am, still pregnant 10 days away from my written boards (and already having missed my oral boards) and a week into my 4 weeks of "maternity" leave. Given the exams at my OB's office, everyone thought she would be here by now. So I had my heart set on some very specific things: meeting Harper by now, having her delivered by my doctor (the same friend that delivered Rowen) on a day that was convenient for me, having time to study for boards, the sun shining every day, etc, etc. So when essentially none of these things have happened, a girl finds herself a little down in the dumps.

Then, God opened my eyes to the gift he had presented me with, which I almost missed! I get to spend the whole week with Rowen-listening to him, engaging him, going on lunch dates, field trips, rocking him at naptime and everything wonderful that I've always missed while working. I have been so thankful for this time with him. He's such a fun little person to be around. Even with his cold and extra whining, he's still such a cool kid and we are blessed beyond measure to get to raise him.

So far this week, we've had bike practice, Easter crafts with James, picked out a surprise gift for Rowen from Harper (a digital camera-He's starting literally asking Jesus for Harper to be born soon so he can open his surprise gift), visited the library, had a lunch date at Chick Fil A, met 2 new buddies named Isabella and Zoe, both of whom he tried to kiss upon saying goodbye (yikes--gotta work on that one!) and had a family dinner date at Chili's. Today, if the rain lets up, we're headed to the botanical gardens :)

He has blessed me in so many ways this week. Mostly just by getting to be present with him and soak him in. He's also done some pretty funny things. Yesterday at Chick Fil A, he was walking into the play area and I was right behind him, reminding him to take his shoes off. He was nodding "yes" like he was on it, but I turned my head for a second and looked back at him and he was very casually taking his pants off! It made several people giggle because there's a glass panel between the restaurant and the play area :)

Jesus, thank you for this week.

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