Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is what we've been doing during our official Countdown to Harper...

Enjoying Norfolk's St. Patty's Day Parade

I was particularly pleased with Rowen's facial expression here.

Enjoying our St. Patrick's Day Door Decor

Riding the tricycle

And Mastering it!

Welcoming Miss Melina to Aunt Shannon and Uncle Steve!
Shown here with a doting Grandpa :)

Learning to shave

Visiting Virginia's Air and Space Museum

(Again, loving his photogenicity here)

Being worn out after the museum

Flying his jet with Grandpa at the "field" in our neighborhood

Pretending to climb trees in the field

Acknowledging that our "field" is actually a sewage collection station

Staring at Harper's room :)
This chair has already become my sweet spot~ I do my board studying here at night.

Poor Lady. She'll be 12 years old this month.
And she has no idea her world is about to be rocked.

Just a few more days til we meet our girl! So excited :)


  1. You look just a teeny bit uncomfortable. I'm sorry for you. Not to brag or anything but I WILL NEVER BE PREGNANT AGAIN!!! HOORAY!!!

    Is Harper's nursery the front room upstairs? I was looking at her crib and trying to figure it out. Did ya'll get a mini crib? We had our mini set up in a corner, right next to the first closet. I was just wondering. What a weird thing to wonder!

    Rowen is so adorable. Is he excited to have a little sister? For the first time, Ava could care less that I had another baby- she wants nothing to do with Daisy! But she's not mean or bratty about it, so that's a relief. Just completely indifferent. Not sure that's spelled correctly. Well, keeping hanging in there, you're almost done!

  2. You guys do so much fun stuff!!! :) Such a cute nusery for Harper! Can't wait to see her!