Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Stuff

We've sure had our hands full lately and we've been on the go!

Last month our neighborhood hosted a block party called RiverFest. The party was an advocacy event for the Elizabeth River in a huge collective effort to clean it up and make it swimmable and fishable by 2014. Pretty neat. The UVA Learning Barge was in our harbor and Rowen couldn't get enough of it!

"Fishing" on the Barge


Harper was in on the action, too. Kind of.

I took advantage of a morning out with Rowen recently and we painted pottery at Color Me Mine here in Norfolk. Rowen had a ball! He painted a blue bowl. Which I only touched up a little when he wasn't looking.

Katie, Adam and Porter visited a few weeks ago and we had a grand time! We went to a wine festival on the downtown waterfront. Harper and Porter were our sober D's!

Norfolk waterfront with a lovely view of downtown Portsmouth.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year! We had Harper's dedication at church that day, which was especially sweet because Rowen was dedicated on Mother's Day 3 years ago!

Harper was not thrilled with her beautiful dress.
And she was even less enthused about the bonnet.

Happy Mother's Day :)

Rob took Rowen to the Air Force Air Show last weekend.
They were both pretty excited.

There was even a bouncy slide at the air show!

Later that day we went to a Cinco-ish De Mayo party at Rob's CO's house.
Rowen put a hurtin' on the pinata!

Lady's annual birthday trip to PetSmart.
There's nothing like a good show-down between a chinchilla and an old dog :)

We hosted our neighborhood's play group last week.
Somehow we ended up having friends around long after play group ended :)
Rowen assured me he would pay close attention to Harper if he could just hold her...

Some days Rowen takes a nap. Some days he uses his nap time to pull out all of his stuffed animals and throw every tissue out of the box.

Reading with James after one of those "naps"

A fun trip to the Botanical Garden with buddies James and Kaiya.
Here they are on the airport overlook.

Pretty Kai

We lounge sometimes, too.

I bought these 2 beauties from my very lovely and talented friend, Gretchen.
Can't wait to find just the right spot for them!

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  1. I'm laughing at the picture of all of the kids on the couch...yes, H is about to fall off (not funny), but they are also very color coordinated :)