Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday I overheard Rowen talking to himself during a potty session. He was trying to poop. It was taking a while. Not because it was hard to poop, but because he was avoiding a nap. First, he asked for some "pribacy". Then, I heard him talking...

"Sometimes it just takes some time to get that poopy out. Poopy, you better come out of my bottom. If that poopy doesn't come out of my bottom, it will stay in there. In the treehouse."

The other day I was leaving for work and Rowen rushed down the stairs, yelling "Wait, wait, wait! I have a question for you!" So, I waited for him and he said, "Mama, have you ever seen a crab or an octopus?" An interesting conversation ensued but the funny thing is that he asks us this question almost daily now!

But my real favorite is listening to him talk to Harper. If she's crying, he says (in a VERY high pitched voice), "What's wrong, Harper? You look cute, Harper. Mama, I tried petting her and it didn't work."

That child. I love him so!


  1. Too funny! Thanks for the good laugh. I love hearing little kids conversations!

  2. I am just laughing at all these funny little things R says. We are totally there in our journey as well and I'm realizing I need to write these things down or I'll never remember them in 25 years.....