Saturday, August 20, 2011

Annie's wedding

Now that we've been home for over a month, it's time to post pics!

We got together in Blacksburg in early July with 2 of my favorite gals...

for a special day when this pretty lady and this handsome fella tied the knot.

We had a ton of fun catching up with our med school buds.

Court & Andrew

Katie & Adam

The highlight of Rob's evening was demonstrating how to tie a bow tie:

Or, wait. Maybe it was initiating a Courtney sandwich?

It was an awesome evening. I love when 2 amazing people decide to get hitched.
Reminds me just how amazing my own sweetheart is :)

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  1. i know you must get tired of me saying this, but you are seriously one of the most beautiful women i have ever known. you're a knockout!