Monday, August 22, 2011


1. to be grateful, feel thankful
2. give thanks

I'm counting down (or up...) to 1,000.

1,000 gifts, or 1,000 ways God loves me.

1. Having a husband worth missing. (Rob just returned from Bahrain)
2. Rowen's new discoveries, from boogers to "moffs"
3. Harper finding her voice. And her feet.
4. A reliable vehicle
5. Feeling well
6. A friend to chat with every morning (love you, steph!)
7. Riches-money, love and realizing wealth is relative
8. Lunch with Sheba
9. Harper's fuzzy head snuggled right into the curve of my neck


  1. Perfect!! I always love your posts! :)

  2. I am going to check out that paleo one day. When I'm not busy watching glee and stalking people on facebook :) My yada yada post is the one I had to delete because the boss's wife reads my blog now and is constantly telling me I can't say some of the things I say. So, rather than get into a first amendment war with her, I just took it down. It was just me complaining about the fact that after being gone for FIVE MONTHS, the guys will pull in here for about two weeks, then go out for an ENTIRE month, to do a strictly liberty port (absolutely NO mission or workups or ANYTHING, just a free five day vacation in a pretty nice locale) because her husband hates his family and doesn't want to spend time with them. And she was all 'everyone on the boat wants to go, this is a REWARD, you should be GRATEFUL' But I have it on pretty good authority that there's only ONE guy on the boat who wants to go. And his name is Captain Crazy Pants. And she wants them to go because she doesn't want him around either.

    It also mentioned (and I WILL be reposting this) that I can TOTALLY feel that everyone is praying for me. I've felt more at peace these five months (which should have been the WORST five months of my life!) than I've ever felt before. And it's gotta be everyone else praying for me, because my own prayer life is in a sad state right now.

    So that's what's up with all that bidnazz.